Educate, Advise, Mentor
Sports Recruitment Consultant
Family Advisor

MCN Believes in every players ability to reach success in achieving their athlete goals. As advisors and mentors, we provide our players and families with a support system to help navigate the ever changing landscape of their chosen sport.

Whether you are looking to Junior, College, University, Minor Pro, European Pro, or are just looking for more exposure, the path can be difficult. MCN will work with you to navigate through decisions and options at hand determining what is best for YOU!

Working with our team, you will have access to Ex-Pro, NCAA, high level scouts and coaches providing first hand experience and knowledge . Our team has been there and understands what it takes to make a team, be placed on the wire and reach goals and success.

Our players success is a result of their focus and commitment and work ethic, something we truly believes in helping our players with.


    It is difficult to get noticed if someone is not looking for you. Our team will contact coaches to inform them about upcoming games, showcases or tournaments. Our goal is to get your name on the front of a coaches mind before they enter the arena. MCN connects with coaches and General Managers to discuss our players attributes and ensuring we are up to speed on each teams needs.


    MCN strives to assist our athletes representing their best interest. We are here to help guide and answer questions during the season tryout and recruitment process.


    Players will receive a detailed personal evaluation which is assessed during game play. Providing feedback in a positive and constructive way. This will give information allowing players to see where they need improvement and excel.


    The game is a continuous roller coaster of ups and downs. We help our players navigate tryouts and supporting in decision process.


    You and your family will sit with an advisor to discuss your goals and expectations. Our adviser will go over your grades, test scores and athletic background to figure out a plan of action. We will offer you several options while explaining the differences in all.

An Advisor is necessary to maintain your NCAA eligibilty. It is permissible for you to have an Advisor, but not an Agent, without jeopardizing your eligibility at an NCAA school.

It is important to note that in order to maintain your eligibility at the NCAA school, if you receive assistance from an advisor, you will be required to pay that advisor at his or her normal rate for such services. 

Our team of advisors have years of experience in playing and coaching their chosen sport. This assures that you receive the most knowledgeable advice possible. All of our advisors are still heavily involved in their sport and are up to date with the current trends and NCAA regulations.

It is important to choose an advisor you feel comfortable to work with for years to come. Do you need an Advisor – the answer is NO, it is up to the player and family to determine if an advisor is a fit for them. Having an advisor is an option and is a tool you can choose to have.