The training, mentoring & advising offered by MCN gives you the tools needed, so that when you reach the recruitment process, you can make your own decisions based on what is best for YOU!

MCN Separates itself from the rest by mentoring players and parents through the constantly changing landscape of the game, both on & off the ice.  

Our experienced advisors know first hand the difficulties that players are faced with, and offer sound advice on how to overcome challenges. 

MCN provides honest perspectives on each players unique situation.  MCN does not make promises they can not keep, but will walk you through each stage of the game with honesty, integrity and support.


  • Exposure
  • Coaching Contact
  • Mental preparation
  • Support to our players, through training camps, trades, and waivers
  • Regular communication to both parents and players


To educate student athletes and the families, worldwide, about the recruitment process. Whether you are looking to play sports in Junior, College, Prep School, Minor Pro, European Pro, or are just looking for more exposure, the path can be difficult. We will help differentiate all that is out there and let you, the athlete, make your own decision about what is best for you!