I contacted MCN Sports Advising during my son’s U18AAA season after he expressed his goal of playing Junior and College hockey. Since that time they’ve made a tremendous impact on his athletic career, both on the ice and also helping him navigate tryouts, scouts, and preparing academically for life after hockey. When I first met Matt I immediately recognized his passion and commitment to guiding players and families on a path to playing high level hockey. This can be a complicated process but with Matt’s support the path became clear and attainable. He demonstrated a depth of knowledge not only in player development, but also in opening doors and placing our son in opportunities that match his needs and objectives. Matt always encouraged my son to focus on hockey and school performance and to leave the off-ice exposure to him. He’s an amazing liaison and well respected among many leagues and teams. I would not hesitate to recommend Matt and MCN Sports Advising to any family looking for professional guidance and representation.
Todd L.
Matt ( Gorman) has excellent communication skills and networking abilities and has reached out to several university and college teams to promote Trevor’s game. As parents my wife and I desperately seek advice trying to support our son into an unfamiliar territory as Trevor continues to play the game he so dearly loves. Matt also speaks easily about life as a student athlete and how to achieve strong academic results. This equally took a huge amount of pressure of our minds. Any questions or concerns we encountered through the process Matt did not hesitate to contact fellow colleagues to seek assistance.
Stan Poirier (Parent)
We've had all of our 3 sons training with MCN and they each have had amazing experiences. The first question our twins ask as soon as they're done training is "when is the next session"? Our oldest son has expressed how much he enjoys the way Matt runs his sessions and it has encouraged him to continue training into the off-season. MCN has helped our boys remain active, focused and motivated through this Covid pandemic. In such a difficult year where many youth organizations shut down and weren't able to provide kids with the support they needed, we were grateful to have our boys train with Matt and all the wonderful MCN coaches.
Kurt L.
Stony Plain, Alberta